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I got introduced to the work of Anthony Bourdain by my friend Louis when I moved back to Nairobi, Kenya in 2008. 

Where we religiously ordered our downloaded torrent bootleg DVD's of the series from our "Dvd Guy" every week.

Back then he had a show on the Travel channel called "No Reservation" and I was immediately hooked to his cultural commentary and became an avid passenger on all his epic journeys around the world, When he moved over to CNN in 2013, I naturally jumped ship as well. I sort of lived vicariously through him and I'm positive I was not alone. He explored the human condition first although he was a chef who hosted a food show, he managed to tell the social stories how a meal connects us all. His outlook on life truly intrigued me but mostly peeked when he visited African counties. South Africa, Tanzania, Ethiopia with Chef Marcus Samuelsson of Red Rooster in Harlem, Senegal with Chef Pierre Thiam and Nigeria.

I guess in his own cunning way he saved the best for last. The Kenya episode is the only episode in this final season to receive narration by Bourdain 61 before his sad demise on June 8th. It was also his first trip to KENYA and in his own special way, he provides a diasporic link for comedian, writer & host W. Kamau Bell who bears a Kikuyu name from his birthplace in East Palo Alto, Califonia which in the 60's came close to be named after the Kenyan capital  Nairobi. Bell said that during the trip in February, he and Bourdain went to see "Black Panther" in Nairobi. Both Bourdain and the show's producers bought tickets to the movie for children they had filmed. 

Anthony Bourdain in Kenya with Ninaa Shanghavi, Owner Nyama Mama,

Bourdain and Bell eat goat head soup joined by young Matatu blogger Brian Wanyama (Expect plenty of shots of that goat head.) the mitumba phenomenon is also addressed when he his joined by Njeri Gikera founder of streetwear brand Chillimango, they also explore the native wildlife on safari and ride in a Matatu.

My hope is someone in the Matutu industry in Kenya brings to life his idea for the "Wolf Blitzer" Matatu.

You will be missed, chef! the world truly lost a good friend.

Thank you for bringing us along, on your adventures.


Season 12  of Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown The final season premiered this Sunday 9/23 at 9 pm EST on CNN.



See a trailer for the episode in the clip below.


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