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Jamhuri Wear is an African Black owned t-shirt fashion and lifestyle brand. Launched in New York City in 2003, with headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. "Jamhuri ", translates to "Republic" or "Free State" in Swahili, describes the 54 African republic's that the company proudly embodies.
By redefining everyday products inspired by African materials and Africa's vibrant street youth culture, Jamhuri wear presents Africa in today's context for a global market. Jamhuri Wear aims to create an intersection where culture, style, and authenticity converge. A true mash-up of global immigrant culture. Showcasing the Power of Culture, over the Culture of Power thorough contemporary African apparel. 
Jamhuri Wear

Afro Streetwear for the Bold and Fearless!



For more information regarding the brand or press inquiries please email us at jamhuri(at)jamhuriwear(dot)com 

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