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Africology Deseta designs Ethiopia Kings and Queens Playing cards Royalty Pack collection


Royalty Pack is a collection of playing cards and T-shirts that reflect an authentic representation of the rich and diverse heritage of Africa’s many cultures. Inspired by the beautiful vintage playing cards produced by major airlines in the 60s – particularly by those made by Ethiopian Airlines – this renewed initiative was conceived by Africology, a media company that represents the music, lifestyle, and culture of Africa and the Diaspora, and Jamhuri Wear, a clothing line that embodies Pan African fashion, art and contemporary African design.

Africology x Jamhuri Wear x Deseta Designs Collaboration

Each deck of cards celebrates the unique artistic style of a specific country from the Continent. This is our very first deck and we are proud to launch it with the spotlight on Ethiopia, the country that inspired this project with its original vintage playing cards, and whose history is defined by its long line of Kings and Queens who defeated attempts at colonization by the invaders and maintained their own written language.

For this launch, we partnered with Maro Haile, an independent designer and the creative behind Deseta Design, and whose work is directly influenced by her Ethiopian roots. Collaborating with independent designers in Africa and the Diaspora creates unity amongst creative and empowers us to tell our own story and control our own narrative. Stay tuned as we continue to honor the stories from across the Continent, one country at a time.

Royal Tee Collection Jamhuri Wear x Africology




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